Coney Island in the snow

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my friend Taka had shot a super 8 film of Coney Island in the winter time...I loved the look he got and imagined a series of photos of the amusement park in the snow... it didn't snow properly (as it should have) for me for a couple of years...and i waited a very long time for the snow to sprinkle down upon the deserted seascape...finally I picked a day to go and photo Coney without the snow fluffs...and...what you know... the night before it snowed and by the time I got off the subway I had a fresh blanket of white covering Coney Island...a wish come true...I shot these in a span of a couple of hours and then it rained...hooray!....Oh yes...we're all different like snowflakes...even the birds.

©2004 Eileen Yaghoobian